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Midwest Sky Sports is a veteran-owned business and is backed by a fully equipped team of mechanics, including former lead mechanic for The Blue Angels. With years of experience in aviation and aerospace, Midwest Sky Sports was founded on the idea of getting people off the ground. As a build-assist center, Midwest Sky Sports helps their customers complete their light-sport or experimental airplane build – strictly adhering to their commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Along with being a build-assist facility, Midwest Sky Sports is an authorized Sling Aircraft Dealer, Rotax aircraft engine Repair Centre and authorized Flight Design USA Service Center. With an A&P license and a Rotax Heavy Repair license, Owner Henry Rise remains hands-on in servicing the majority of light-sport aircrafts in the entire state – while also managing daily operations. Rise, a US Navy veteran, is one of only a handful of individuals in Michigan that hold a Rotax Repair certificate, allowing Midwest Sky Sports to perform specific and unique maintenance and repairs that customers simply can’t get elsewhere. 

“At Midwest Sky Sports, we have aviation in our DNA. With more than four decades’ worth of combined experience, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, quality, and customer service – the three pillars of any successful endeavor. Our build center and maintenance facility are tailored to fit exactly what we do, which makes the build experience even more enjoyable and streamlined for our customers.”

-Owner, Henry Rise


Our main build center consists of a 16,000-square foot facility with offices and pilot lounge. There, we simultaneously build up to six aircraft at any given time. Each builder is teamed up with one of our experienced staff members during their stay, providing the most educational and memorable experience possible.

Our maintenance facility is a 2,700-square foot building that services a large portion of the midwest light-sport and ultralight aircraft community, although we specialize in Sling Aircraft. Many of our customers come from the surrounding states annually.

Our state-of-the-art paint facility is designed to house complete and assembled aircraft, allowing the best design scheme possible. The paint facility is heated, ventilated and well-lit, with quality products that afford the best custom finishes in aviation.


Aircraft maintenance, repair, and sales (specializing in light-sport aircraft); Rotax engine maintenance and repair; Sling Aircraft Build-Assist Center & Dealer; Sling Quickbuild Kits

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